News and Events

Jun 2021. News from the busy resident asylum seeker program:

  • Vaccinations! As of the end of May, 70% of our families have been vaccinated! Through trust and education, we hope to achieve 100% this summer.

  • Referrals! Three new referrals came in during the last week of May! Family Liaisons are meeting with the new families.

  • Jobs! One asylum seeker interviewed and was hired for a job.

  • Work Permits! Another asylum seeker, being assisted by our partner New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, should be getting a work permit soon.

  • Housing! Two families are struggling to stay housed. We are looking for options and helping as our budget allows.

Thank you to those at the heart of this work, the creative and dedicated teams that Jessica Corley coordinates: Spanish-speaking Family Liaisons, and the Food, Donations, and Transportation Teams. You are helping over 40 people, post-trauma of migration, survive and acclimate in our community.

Dear readers, there is room for you to join this work, too! Please email today - we will find a spot that suits you and your schedule.

May 2021. A big thank you to the Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico for generously funding the Nutrition Program, which is part of the Asylum Seeker Food Box Distribution Program! The program introduces not only the US non-metric recipe and measuring system, but how to use many herbs and spices. It also provides cooking tools and supplements food box items with what is needed to cook the recipe of the month. ¡disfrutar!

May 2021: In 18 days in March alone, 53 snack bags were handed out to hungry people who came to the door at the FCUCC church. Frito Lay has generously provided 100 bags of chips and five boxes of cookies! These will be included in the snack bags given out this month. Thanks to the Food Team for coordinating this appreciated donation. Community partners along with our volunteers to pack the bags are the best – thank you Frito Lay!