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News and Events

The ABQ FaithWorks' Rapid ReHousing Program has had the honor of helping 15 displaced families find a home. As we complete our first year of this program, we will simultaneously, have families who will be graduating from our program. This is a very exciting moment!

After experiencing homelessness, these families have demonstrated resiliency and tenacity. We are proud of each of our families and the many steps they have taken to secure a home.

We look forward to continuing the work of our mission: "All people are safely housed and integrated into healthy communities of their choice."

Andy is the new Interim Pastor at Central United Methodist Church. Before coming to Albuquerque, Andy spent over a decade serving in Dallas, with the United Methodist Church.

Our time with Andy reminded us of the hope we have in our work. We were reminded of how our clients not only inspire resiliency but are examples of remarkable resiliency. We were also reminded, of how our work collaboratively, leads to a better tomorrow in a community we love.

We look forward to working with Andy, and continue in our mission, to see that all people are safely housed and integrated into healthy communities of their choice.

ABQ FaithWorks would like to congratulate all of our Valentine's Day Raffle winners!

#61 Marty - Eternal bouquet and Rose print

#67  Celia - Movie gift card and popcorn basket

#85 Molly - 1 Hour facial and hair products

#224 Rae - Rudys' Bar-B-Q gift basket w/$25 card and leather satchel

#251 Twila - Lavender gift set, tumbler, crochet strawberry and puzzle books

#281 Monica - Jerky by Art and puzzle books

#347 Raye - Turquoise necklace

#461 Gilbert - Crochet blanket and jewelry

#496 Charmaine - Handmade quilt, gourmet popcorn and puzzle books

#563 Eleanor - Fused glass bowl

#584 Florence - 1 Hour massage and $50 Longhorn Steakhouse

#772 Jennifer - Glass bowl and puzzle books

#783 Sue - Crochet hoodie, wine goblets and jewelry

#798 Tyler - Jewelry

#800 Cheryl - Trader Joe's goodies bag and $100 Green Sweep gift card

#841 April - Tote bag, tumbler and puzzle books

We would like to thank everyone who bought raffle tickets!

We would like to thank all of the individuals and local businesses who donated prizes to be raffled.  Your generosity is beyond appreciated.

We would also like to thank our Staff, Board members, Clergy members, Family members and Friends, who took the time to help us sell raffle tickets.

It is because of the kindness and support, of each and every one of you, that ABQ FaithWorks was able to have such an exciting event.

Happy Valentine's Day from ABQ FaithWorks!

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