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This week, we celebrate Dora Gallegos, on her two year anniversary with ABQ FaithWorks. Dora is our Bookkeeper and has been an instrumental part of our team. She has helped the work at ABQ FaithWorks move effectively and efficiently. One of the compliments we hear about Dora, is her ability to respond quickly to help others. This is only possible because of the diligence and hard work that she brings to ABQ FaithWorks.

Dora was key in helping our Valentine's Day fundraiser come alive and succeed. Every day, Dora brings her compassionate spirit and heart to work. We are a better team because of the daily work and spirit she brings to our office. We are thankful for her dedication to ABQ FaithWorks.

We met ALICE today at United Way of North Central New Mexico, and discovered that we already know them! ALICE stands for "Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed" and they are our neighbors, teachers, and essential workers who are struggling to make ends meet. Kiran Gaudioso CEO of United Way of Northern New Jersey and President, United for ALICE gave an excellent introduction. We also heard from Randy Prunty, CEO, United Way of North Central New Mexico; Cathryn Abeyta, Executive Director, San Juan United Way; Amanda Morales, CEO, United Way of Southwest New Mexico; and Will Simmons, a dedicated father and advocate for ALICE in NM.

We learned from Kiran how states across the nation have been supporting ALICE through changes to benefits based on restrictive Federal Poverty Limits (FPL). ALICE are people who don't meet those limits, but who are just one paycheck, one flat tire, one medical bill, one life event away from homelessness and poverty.

It made us proud of our eviction prevention program, where every day we are helping people stay housed and get through tough times on limited incomes - and who have no where else to turn because they don't meet the FPL for benefits. We look forward to staying tuned into New Mexico's momentum toward greater support for ALICE.

ABQ FaithWorks Collaborative works with many community partners, and we are excited to highlight one of our partners. For nearly a year, we have partnered with the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center (NMILC) to provide clinics for clients needing help with asylum applications, work permits, and more. We have also been able to enter another partnership to allow clients to come to our office to have their court hearings in our office instead of going to El Paso. The NMILC's mission is to advance justice and equity by empowering low-income immigrant communities through collaborative legal services, advocacy, and education.

Thank you to the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center team for all your hard work toward your mission. We are glad to partner with you and look forward to more collaboration opportunities.

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