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Our Volunteer Front Desk Administrators donate their time and attention to answering phones, helping with data entry, and other tasks that may arise during the week. Each of our volunteers brings their unique personalities, skills, and willingness to help.

Thank you to Sue, Elmer, Joanne, Jennifer, Amy, and Candace for choosing Albuquerque FaithWorks Collaborative to donate your time and talents to. We are always excited and grateful to see you!

If you are interested in joining this volunteer opportunity, please contact Abbey at or call 505-225-2752. Thank you!

Vicki Rose has volunteered as a Family Liaison with Albuquerque FaithWorks Collaborative for over a year now. She is currently assisting three families from Cuba. Her fluency in Spanish and her firsthand experience visiting Cuba greatly aid her in this role. Vicki is one of our dedicated, caring, and cherished volunteers.

When asked about her passion for volunteering as a Family Liaison, here's what she had to say: "I find immense joy in my role because I thrive on giving to others, and in return, they offer me as much as I give them. Working with these families is heartwarming, satisfying, and profoundly fulfilling. I take pride in contributing to alleviating the struggles of immigrants as they navigate the challenges of settling in a new country. Their gratitude for even the smallest gestures is humbling, and I cherish the opportunity to learn from them. Building deep connections and cultural exchanges with them enriches my life in countless ways."

We are grateful for you, Vicki Rose, and all that you contribute to Albuquerque FaithWorks Collaborative and our families!

Over the past year, our dedicated volunteers have made a profound impact in our community by providing essential support to those facing housing insecurity. By assisting  the most vulnerable members of our community in obtaining crucial documentation like New Mexico IDs and birth certificates, we empower them to access vital city services and pursue employment opportunities.  Together, we're building a stronger, more inclusive community one ID at a time.

Operating from 10am to 12pm, find us every Tuesday at Immanuel Presbyterian Church on 114 Carlisle Blvd SE, and on Wednesdays at Central United Methodist Church on 201 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque.

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