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The Very Reverend Kristina Mauldin Dean from The Cathedral of St. John and Jessica Corley, Executive Director of ABQ FaithWorks pose in front of the Cathedral of St. John’s picture on the wall of the Conference Room at FaithWorks.

Each of the clergy from the 17 faith communities have been invited to lunch with the staff of FaithWorks to learn more about our most recent work in the community and also to engage in conversation about creating synergy between the faith communities and FaithWorks.

In our collaboration with the City of Albuquerque, doing Rapid Re-Housing, the ABQ FaithWorks Housing program was able to go and visit with the APS McKinney-Vento staff and see their beautiful facility. We are excited about the work being done at McKinney-Vento and are eager to collaborate with them.

APS McKinney-Vento program supports homeless children, youth, and their families. They go beyond providing immediate assistance and focus on addressing the underlying causes of homelessness. Through initiatives such as educational support, counseling services, a well-stock warehouse of anything these families might need, and access to healthcare, McKinney-Vento ensures that families facing homelessness receive the holistic care they need to rebuild their lives.

Through this collaboration, ABQ FaithWorks and APS McKinney-Vento are creating a synergistic approach that meets the immediate needs of homeless families and empowers them to regain stability and independence. By working together, sharing knowledge, and coordinating efforts, we can provide a more comprehensive and effective support system for homeless families.

The collaboration between ABQ FaithWorks and APS McKinney-Vento is a shining example of the power of teamwork in tackling the complex issue of homelessness. By leveraging their respective programs, resources, and expertise, we are creating a comprehensive support system for homeless families in Albuquerque. Together, ABQ FaithWorks and APS McKinney-Vento are a beacon of hope, proving that when organizations come together, they can impact the lives of vulnerable individuals and families.

Special thanks to Cristal and Aaron for hosting us.

Join ABQ FaithWorks in advocating with City Councilors to create more housing options in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque is facing an increasingly pressing issue: a lack of affordable housing. The City of Albuquerque said, "With rising costs and the need for between 13,000 and 28,000 more units, families in our city feel the strain daily. People of color are disproportionately experiencing housing cost burden, eviction, overcrowding, and instability¹."

The Housing Forward Albuquerque initiative aims to tackle this challenge head-on, ensuring every individual and family can access safe, stable, affordable homes. However, solving this problem requires a collective effort from the community. You can support Housing Forward and contribute to a brighter future for Albuquerque by:

  • Raising awareness about the importance of affordable housing in Albuquerque, engaging in conversations, writing to local policymakers, and participating in community meetings. Encourage elected officials to prioritize affordable housing initiatives and advocate for policies that promote affordability.

You can visit to learn more about Housing Forward.

  • Contact your Councilor. You can visit to find your city councilor. You can write an email or call them; they want to hear from you! Let them know that you are for Housing Forward Albuquerque and want to see people in homes and not in cars, motels, or the street. You can tell them this is worth their vote and the City needs to address our housing shortages.

  • Attend the next City Council Meeting on June 5th. You can visit to view the agenda. If Housing Forward is on the agenda, please go and support Housing Forward and be a part of reducing barriers for families to get housed.

ABQ FaithWorks envisions “All people safely housed and integrated into communities of their choice.” Housing Forward will help Albuquerque to become a place where everyone has access to affordable homes and the opportunity to thrive. We can all work together to build a stronger, more inclusive community and realize our vision.



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