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Steps on the Journey

September, 2021. Families are referred to ABQ FaithWorks Asylum Seeker program from many sources, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Albuquerque Public Schools when a family asks for more help as they are navigating check-ins and school. We work with families to help them maintain their legal status, stay housed, feed and clothe their families, and get legal work. Our families no longer need us when they meet several criteria. First of all, they must be secure in their housing, that is, their income is sufficient to ensure rent can be paid. Secondly, they have some reliable transportation or a personal vehicle. Thirdly, their employment is legal. And finally, they have not been food-insecure for at least two months. Although we are available again if circumstances change, we are proud to have three families this month who no longer need our services! They are taking a big step on their journeys to self sufficiency in our community.


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