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Inspiring Words from our Staff

It's World Refugee Day and we hope these words from our Volunteer Coordinator, Odalys will inspire you to support our World Refugee Day campaign.

Q: Out of all the needs our clients have, what stands out as the most important?

A: Many of these families have evictions that will follow them long after this program, I wish the community had more resources to help them overcome that setback.

Q: Why do you love working at ABQ FaithWorks Collaborative?

A: I love working here because I feel like the work that we do is very meaningful and impactful for the community that we work with.

Q: What was one time that made you proud when a client overcame an obstacle?

A: Getting state-issued IDs can be quite the challenge, especially for asylum seekers, so whenever they are able to finally get their IDs, I feel so happy for them.


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