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Inspiring Talk by Cuidando Los Niños at Monte Vista Christian Church

Monte Vista Christian Church has been hosting luncheons featuring different

organizations called Roadrunner lunch. This last week they featured Cuidando Los Niños. Cuidando Los Niños provides services to families experiencing homelessness or poverty, helping to ensure that children have access to food, shelter, and education. The talk featured the two founders of Cuidando Los Niños, Lauri Reiter and Lisa O’Riley, and Executive Director Jeffery Hoehn. They shared stories of families and children who have been helped by their programs and services, highlighting the importance of their work.

We were excited to attend and learn more about another organization that is doing so much for our community. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Cuidando Los Niños and making a positive impact in our community together.


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