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ID Clinic with Central United Methodist Church

The ID Clinic hosted by the Central United Methodist Church has tremendously impacted our community. This clinic has helped many people obtain identification, which is often essential for getting a job, housing, or accessing essential services. The volunteers at the clinic have been incredibly dedicated and compassionate in helping people navigate the often-complicated process of getting an ID. One person who attended the clinic said, "This is the closest I've been to getting an ID in 5 years," highlighting how vital this service is for some people. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the volunteers, many people in the community can now access services and opportunities that were previously out of reach. The ID Clinic is an excellent example of the power of collaboration to make a real difference in people's lives.

If you are interested in volunteering at the ID clinic, or would like more information about the ID Clinic, call Abbey at 505-225-2752.


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