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The ABQ FaithWorks' Asylum Program, celebrated several families graduating from our program.

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Odalys Marquez, captured the moment perfectly in her words and expressed our hearts toward our clients.

She wrote: Today, we celebrate more than just a graduation; we celebrate courage, resilience, and the incredible journey you have undertaken. You have faced challenges with determination an overcome obstacles with bravery. Each one of you is a living testament to inner strength and perseverance. On this asylum journey, you have shown not only the ability to adapt but also the skill to grow and flourish in challenging circumstances. Remember, this graduation marks not only the end of a chapter but the beginning of a new journey filled with possibilities. As you move into the future, carry with you the confidence you’ve built and the resilience you’ve demonstrated. You are stronger than you think, and your presence in our community is an inspiration to us all. May this achievement be just the first of many successes destined for you.

Congratulations, graduates! We are excited about the positive impact you will continue to make in the world.

Thank you to Cindy Chapman, our wonderful Family Liaison volunteer, for working with these families throughout this time. In partnering with them, you have helped our clients become "self-sufficient," in the words of Dr. Jessica Goodkind, meaning that the clients are connected to or have increased access to resources - to meet their self-identified needs, lower their distress and improve their protective factors. Thus, they are empowered to self-advocate while they continue building their lives here and integrating into our community.


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