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Asylum Program Continues to Hold Monthly Legal Clinics

On Thursday, in partnership with the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, we once again held our monthly Asylum and Work Permit Application clinic. This month’s clinic was held at the Friends Meeting House. Shout out to Sarah Malone for generously offering this space! Multiple ABQFaithWorks clients were there in order to complete their work permit applications since the 150 days after submitting their asylum application (submitted at one of our previous clinics) had elapsed. Thank you to the incredible volunteers who work with the clients and lawyers to fill out these applications with accuracy and kindness. Thank you, also, to the amazing team at NMILC who coordinate with clients and volunteers to assure that these clinics run smoothly! (You can see that while their parents were hard at work on their applications, the kids were hard at play downstairs in the Quaker House’s inviting play room!)


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