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LFS & FaithWorks Partnership

September, 2021. ABQ FaithWorks Collaborative is working with Lutheran Family Services of the Rocky Mountains, one of nine organizations working with the Afghanistan Refugees coming to our state. As refugees, the Afghans arriving to New Mexico will receive services from LFS for 90 days. They will be eligible to apply for Asylum upon arrival. ABQ FaithWorks is committed to assisting as many families as possible after this 90-day period, through our Asylum Program, for those Afghans who file an application for asylum.

To this end, we are heavily recruiting any volunteers who wish to work specifically with the families we will assist. If you are interesting in learning more about how to help the families after they have settled in Albuquerque, please contact Jessica Corley at 505-333-8059 or If you are interested in volunteering with LFS or assisting in other ways, please contact Lydia Monte at


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