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Monte Vista Christian Church, one of our faith communities in our collaboration, recently took the initiative to make a special gift for families in our Rapid Rehousing program. The church members came together and made quilts for the families transitioning into homes. The creativity and care to make quilts for these families is a beautiful message of letting people know that their community is behind them.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity we have received from Churches to help with our Housing Starter Kits. St. Andrew's and Monte Vista Christian Church donated enough supplies for several Home Starter Kits. We have several other faith communities who are also helping us. Our congregation's generosity and kindness demonstrate a larger community willing to support families in need.

Many thanks to each of our congregations that are demonstrating boundless compassion and positively impacting our community.

Saturday evening, February 18th, Singer/Songwriter/Activist David LaMotte performed a benefit concert for Albuquerque FaithWorks and the Asylum Seeker Welcome group. The concert was a combination of fun, inspiring and thoughtful songs and stories that held the 125 person audience captive!

We are so appreciative of the efforts of our Board member, Elmer Jackson in bringing David to Albuquerque and coordinating the event. Albuquerque FaithWorks will be coordinating other fundraising events in the coming

months so check our website, Facebook and your email for more exciting opportunities to support our programming!

Join us in congratulating Asylum Program Participant, Norma*, on her recent graduation from Master Barber School! Norma and her family have shown amazing perseverance, determination, and resiliency in achieving this important milestone. Supporting her on this journey has been her incredible ABQ FaithWorks Family Liaison volunteer Ann Ziegler. For over two years, Ann has assisted Norma by providing one-on-one ESL classes (over Zoom during Covid); by dropping off library books, ABQ FaithWorks food boxes, and carefully-selected recipes (part of a Nutrition Program that Ann valiantly organized); and by celebrating birthdays, work permits, and now graduation!

This accomplishment displays what is possible when we partner inspirational and hard-working asylum-seekers like Norma with dedicated and creative ABQ FaithWorks Collaborative volunteers like Ann. Together we are learning, serving, advocating for, and cheering on our new neighbors like Norma. We wish Norma all the best in her new career!

*Please note that we changed the participant’s name for confidentiality reasons.

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