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Thank you, St. Thomas of Canterbury!

St. Thomas of Canterbury recently contributed to ABQ FaithWorks Rapid Rehousing program by donating our first Home Starter Kit.

ABQ FaithWorks Rapid Rehousing program helps families experiencing homelessness find secure, safe, stable, and affordable housing. This program provides families with case management, rental assistance, and support services to help them achieve long-term housing stability. The program's goal is to help families secure housing and gain stability.

The Home Starter Kit provided by St. Thomas of Canterbury included essential household items such as linens, kitchen utensils, and other necessities that make a house feel like a home. The family who received this gift was overjoyed and deeply grateful for the support they received from the church.

The selflessness and compassion shown by St. Thomas of Canterbury is a true testament to the love and generosity within our member congregations. We are deeply grateful for their support and for the difference they have made in the lives of those in need.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to St. Thomas of Canterbury for their generosity and kindness. Your donation has made a meaningful difference in this family's life and has helped bring hope and comfort.

The Rapid Rehousing Program is looking forward to seeing other families move into housing and partnering with other churches in our collaboration to give out more Home Starter Kits.

If you or your church is interested in helping with a Home Starter Kit, please contact Abbey at 505-225-2752.


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