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News and Events

There have been some staff changes at ABQ FaithWorks. Abbey Reed has become the Interim Executive Director, and Dora Gallegos, is now the fulltime Bookkeeper. As things change and grow in our organization, we celebrate Abbey and Dora in their new positions. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to FaithWorks!

Every day in our city, people are dealing with unimaginable hardships that could lead to them experiencing homelessness. ABQ FaithWorks envisions all people safely housed and integrated into healthy communities of their choice. One everyday decision can help make a difference in the everyday lives of asylum seekers and those experiencing homelessness. ABQ FaithWorks calls 365 compassionate souls to give $1/day ($30/month). Together, we can work and impact our community, providing crucial support and resources to those in need.

For more information, contact Abbey Reed at 505-225-2752 or email at

The ID Clinic (pictured above) has been running from the Central United Methodist Church since January. The volunteers have been dedicated to assisting all individuals to be able to have their vital documents so they can obtain housing, jobs, and other social services. This is just one opportunity of many that is making an impact in our community. If you would like to know about more volunteer opportunities please email or call ABQ FaithWorks at 505-457-1728.

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