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Corporate/Individual Donor Fundraising Workshop

On Friday, April 14, Abbey Reed, the Director of our Housing/Homelessness program presented a work shop to Board Members of ABQ FaithWorks about Corporate/Individual Donor Fundraising strategies.

Abbey spent 16 years of her career in Mexico working as a Sports Chaplain. She was responsible for securing funding for her position, including several yearly trips abroad for International Games, the Olympics, and other Professional Sporting events, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years.

Abbey shared a Powerpoint presentation that our Board Members can use when speaking to small or large groups of funders. Aside from pledges and grants we receive for programming at FaithWorks, our Organization and specifically our Board of Directors, are responsible for securing almost 20% of our annual budget. Abbey incites and strategies for raising these funds will ensure a successful fundraising campaign by our Board Members.

If you are interested in learning more about fundraising using this strategy, please contact Abbey Reed at (505) 225-2752. Abbey is available to meet one-on-one with you to share her expertise in this area!


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