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Jessica Corley, Immigration Coordinator, presented ABQ FaithWorks program for asylum seekers. Have a cup of tea, sit back and learn more at the YouTube link of the recorded Zoom meeting. And below are the presentation slides.

Download PDF • 1.07MB

January, 2021. Food security is always a major issue with vulnerable populations. Almost every asylum-seeking family we work with requested food boxes this month. Our program supports them by picking up food for these working families at a Food Pantry. We are also rolling out a new nutritional program. Here’s how it works: Every three weeks, we are including a recipe in Spanish and in English for a healthy meal that uses the food in the boxes. The recipe is developed by a volunteer nutritionist on our team. Families send a picture of themselves and the finished product and receive a prize! It’s fun, it’s a great learning opportunity, it builds community and people are fed in more ways than one. Jessica intends to expand this program to include nutritional literacy, the non-metric language of cooking in American English, and cultural diversity in the recipes. This is truly a delicious program!

The pandemic has hit the working poor harder than those of us who can work or study from home or who are retired. Thanks to FaithWorks' case management and the collaborations with partner organizations, such as Family Promise or Heading Home, unhoused people are able to take steps to stable, housed, self-sufficient living. ABQ FaithWorks has helped to remove obstacles so that unsheltered people get an ID, food, transportation, or treatment, as well as clothing to interview for employment, help with rent, or access to a dentist. People in City-subsidized hotels will have stable shelter until June 2021, opening a door for them to take more steps on their paths to independent living. Here's how you can help!

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